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3 Day Mindfulness Bootcamp

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Three day course
Attention! All those seeking inner peace and balance!
Are you suffering from stress, mental health issues and are unhappy or want to live each moment to its fullest?
Then mindfulness is for you.
You can manage your thoughts and. emotions, achieve a growth mindset, understand your inner self and live a happy and fulfilling life.
Key take aways from the Bootcamp:
  • Manage your and your students thoughts and emotions
  • Understand your inner self
  • Create happy mindful classrooms and
  • Live a fulfilling life.


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Day 1
Moving from Fixed to Growth Mindset through mindful meditation
Day 2
Developing Equanimity & Mindfulness Immersion
Day 3
Looking within. Feeling better or being better
Know your Coach

Sudha mahajan

Educationist & mindfulness coach

She has trained more than 2000 educators and have a 25 years experience in mentoring people and 3 years in teaching Mindfulness.

What Our Students has to Say

Thank you so much ma'am for the excellent session. You have provided so many valuable tips. I am going to incorporate those suggestions and will become more mindful in my every day life


thank so much for the session really nice activities and was to handle emotions, people and situations


Fabulous workshop with Sudha... so simple and profound.. wasn't feeling well for days and felt so much better after it.. Kudos to you Sudha🤗you really are a healer


Really liked the session yesterday. Good pace, clear and interesting activities and inputs. Particularly liked the way you addressed different questions. Thank you. Please do tell me what other sessions you hold.

Neeru Puri