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Edjobster was founded in 2022 with a vision to empower educational institutions with Artificial Intelligence tools. Technology integration in daily processes of schools and colleges helps in streamlining the processes with AI automation and boost productivity of teachers. We believe that the main goal of education institutions is to provide quality of education to the future generation but there is a hurdle of mundane tasks which teachers have to do manually. The work which can be automated with the use of AI should not be burdened on teachers.

Our goal is to save teachers’ time and boost their productivity. Nonetheless, we want each individual to grow in their career. With that vision we also developed tools which can assess teachers current skillset to help them plan their learning journey for their career growth. 

Our tools automate processes like timetable and attendance management, Hiring pipeline, Assessment of teachers’ skillset and many more tasks which empower teachers, boost productivity and integrate schools with latest technology to fasten their processes.

We Strive to simplify your hiring process

At Edjobster, our primary goal is to alleviate this burden by saving teachers’ time and boosting their productivity. We firmly believe that tasks that can be automated through AI should not detract from the valuable time teachers dedicate to their students. Moreover, we are committed to fostering individual growth within the education community. To this end, we have developed tools that assess teachers’ current skill sets, enabling them to chart a personalized learning journey for career advancement.

Syed Hamid

Founder & CEO

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