ChatGPT and AI for Educators

The key agenda’s for this session will be:

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • Exploring the Benefits of ChatGPT in Educational and Non-Educational Settings
  • Challenges in using ChatGPT Resources for self learning

About Our Speaker

Akanksha Arora

Educator Innovation Lead

Akanksha is an education enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in the field of education. She is dedicated to bringing a positive change in education by enhancing the skills of school leaders and teachers through a wide range of training programs. Her primary focus at Microsoft is supporting educators in the integration of technology in the teaching-learning process and building a strong community of educators. Akanksha has worked with progressive chains of schools, mentored Principals and led them to achieve excellence in various domains. She has extensive experience in school leadership and leading experiential-learning curriculum development.

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