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Teachers today face several challenges in managing the classroom, including:


Maintaining discipline and managing disruptive behavior


Balancing individual student needs with the needs of the whole class


Engaging and motivating students


Managing limited time and resources


Promoting student independence and self-regulation


Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners


Maintaining effective communication with students, families, and colleagues

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This was an informative webinar. When I began teaching I too made the initial error of trying to become relevant to my students. I quickly learned that I had to change that instantly in order to move forward as the one in control of the class. I opted to change the dynamics by incrementally changing the environment of dialogue and connecting. That took about a week or so, but I was able to redirect the dynamics. I totally agree that making parents your ally is key.”

Leonie Vega

Greshma Momaya, I want to thank you for leading such an engaging and thought-provoking session and providing a wealth of strategies and ideas which can be used to grow the learners’ metacognitive skills.”

Asnaha Farheen

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One component of classroom management is managing the physical environment of the classroom. This includes elements such as the arrangement of furniture, display of materials, and organization of the classroom space. Effective management of the physical environment can create a positive and productive learning atmosphere, foster student engagement, and minimize distractions. It is important for teachers to consider the physical environment when planning and organizing their classrooms to maximize its impact on student learning. In this module we will focus on the physical aspect of classroom. 

This module focuses on the 5E instructional model, which is a student-centered, inquiry-based teaching approach. The module provides an opportunity for participants to engage in discussions and reflect on how they can apply the 5E model in their own teaching practices. The outcome of this module is to enhance the participant’s ability to implement inquiry-based instruction in their own classrooms. By exploring the 5E instructional model and gathering strategies from experienced teachers, participants will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively integrate inquiry-based teaching into their practices.

Teachers can maximize instructional time by implementing effective classroom management strategies, such as clearly defined routines, procedures and expectations for students. This will help minimize disruptions and maximize the amount of time spent on instruction. The goal of the module is to help teachers design and implement a procedures plan that will help save time in the classroom and improve their teaching effectiveness. This will be achieved by identifying and minimizing time-wasting moments, streamlining procedures that consume valuable teaching time, and teaching new procedural protocols to students. The module will provide guidance and support for teachers to create and implement a plan that is tailored to their specific needs and classroom environment.

The dynamics of classroom discussions can be influenced by various factors such as student confidence, teacher facilitation, language barriers, cultural differences, and the subject matter being discussed. Encouraging student participation, creating a safe and inclusive environment, and effectively addressing language barriers can enhance the quality of classroom discussions. This module aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills to analyze and improve the communication dynamics in their classrooms. By introducing fundamental concepts and techniques of discourse analysis, the module aims to provide teachers with an analytical toolkit and encourage critical reflection on their teaching practices. 

Another component of classroom management is understanding and preventing misbehaviour. This involves recognizing the underlying causes of misbehaviour, developing proactive strategies to address it, and implementing appropriate consequences when necessary. Effective management of misbehaviour requires an understanding of child development, an awareness of individual student needs, and the ability to create a positive and supportive classroom culture. By addressing misbehaviour proactively, teachers can create a safe and inclusive learning environment that supports student success.

Know Your Mentor

Greshma Momaya,

School leader & Teacher Mentor​

Greshma is a highly accomplished education leader& parenting expert with a history of working in the space of children and education for more than 15 years. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, mentor & trainer who believes in innovating and inventing the best teaching practices and sharing them with educators, school leaders & parents.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development, a postgraduate diploma in School Counseling from the University of Mumbai, and a certification from Harvard University in School leadership.

She has a diverse background, starting as a Kindergarten and Primary teacher and holding various roles such as Preschool Coordinator, Operations Head, and Head of Tots. She has extensive experience in scripting curriuculum, designing learning environments and training teachers, having trained over 2,500 educators and school leaders. With a mission to promote happy children, happy teaching, and happy parenting, Greshma has launched e-counseling services under the name “EmpowerwithGreshma”.

She is a thought-leader, an innovative academic leader focused on engaging with students & educators to meet learning objectives & drive student learning. She is further committed to providing empowering leadership through communicative practices & motivational strategies. She has also excelled in team building, culture improving & enhancing the happiness quotient of the school.

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